Friday, May 15, 2009

WTF Friday

Alright we are back to WTF Friday. Again with all things that make me say WTF.

-People that won’t allow me to follow at a safe distance (WTF). I hate it when I am trying to follow at a safe distance during five-o’clock traffic and someone comes and whips their car in between me and the person I am following. It just makes me want to ram them in the gas hole.

-Canadians (WTF).

-John and Kate plus 8 (WTF). I saw that they were going to be on Good Morning America this morning, together. I guess he got away with it. I never saw that coming. I thought she would have gone all ubber bitch on him and the white hot flash of bitchiness would have melted his face.

-Justin Timberlake (WTF). I watched SNL last week and I don’t think it is fair that one person gets that much effin talent. AND THE BASTARD IS GOOD AT GOLF!!!

-Al Gore (WTF). I got to watch “An Inconvenient Truth” a while back. Maybe I should say I had to watch it (for a class). Believe me I am not a huge George Bush fan, but I really think we dodged a bullet there. He is just an asshole.

-VH1 (WTF). I realize I am not going to get a lot of support on this one but I gotta say it. I am really tired of them making an effin reality show out of anything. (What’s worse about that is my wife has to watch them all).

-Barbra Walters (WTF). She scares the pee out of me. I don’t think she is really still alive.

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  1. HAHA About your wife having to watch them all! They are addictive....kind of like guys and sports! hehe :o)