Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tiny Tuesday

Here we go again:

-Did you know that if you loose a fight with a midget you become one? It is true, kinda like if you catch a leprechaun you get to keep his pot of gold.

-If you hit a midget on top of the head he will shatter into 50 gold coins.

-It is undetermined which one but there is a mushroom in existance that will make a midget grow to full size. This idea was brought to the attention of the public for the first time by a video game, Super Mario Bros.

-Do you know why midgets giggle as they run through grass? It tickles their balls.

-If you drop a midget in water they don't make a splash they make a bloop!

-I tried to post more midget jokes for you guys but I just couldn't keep them short!

-Look at this. You would think they would find this offensive. Midgets playing mini-golf, that is effin funny!


  1. Oh, my, you are totally cracking me up!

  2. LOL! Keep the jokes coming! I'm lovin it!

  3. Do you think people will know we're married?

  4. Brandy, do you want us to know you're married? Kidding! I bet he keeps thinking about number four with hope in his heart though.

  5. No offense to the little folk I don't mind when they make tall jokes.